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There is something about Roya !

Born in Tehran, Iran, food has been a passion and a way of life for Roya all of her life. Having lived and worked with food for as long as she can remember, Roya has now brought her unique brand of cooking to Zug, Switzerland.

Short Biography and cooking today

Loving mother of two, Roya has now brought her  wholesome, delicious and authentic brand of iranian and meditterranean home cooking to Geneva. Roya has previously run successful businesses in both Tehran, Iran and London, UK before making the move to beautiful Switzerland in June 2010, where she now runs www.cookclub.ch. Focusing on sharing her passion for food with other like minded, enthusiastic cooks and customers, Roya offers a simple blend of food, fun and learning at very reasonable prices.

Previously working for the family restaurant business and subsequently for, amongst others, the Jamaican High Commission, Roya delights and enjoys in her food and the new challenges that Geneva brings.

In Geneva, the original focus was the provision of bespoke home cookery lessons for groups of adults and also children, offered both during the week and weekend. The business has since expanded to provide fresh and wholesome lunches and dinners for executives, families and friends and catering services for those special events in your Calendar.

As demand continues to grow, Roya remains very receptive and adaptive to new ideas to meet your individual and future requirements. So, please do not hesitate to contact for your next food order, request, cookery lesson or event !


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